6.2.2 - Keepit Patch Release Notes

Keepit 6.2.2 will be released this week to all six production environments. This release includes a new feature allowing you to cancel restore jobs and introduces new functionalities in the Partner Management Console.

Cancel restore job feature gives you more control 

Now you can cancel restore jobs directly in the platform, giving you full control of the recovery process in Keepit. If a restore of an incorrect dataset was initiated, simply go to the job monitor and cancel the job.

Quickly access customer accounts with multi-account management

Keepit Managed Service Provider (MSP) partners can now manage multiple accounts in the Partner Management Console (PMC) more efficiently. Using our new dedicated MSP Partner user role, you can now sign in to customer accounts directly through the PMC using your MSP account credentials. With the quick access, you can troubleshoot customer issues, approve TOS on behalf of your customers, and audit user activity across customers.