6.4.0 - Keepit Release Notes

Keepit 6.4.0 will be released this week to all six production environments. This release introduces new functionality that allows you to restore an entire Salesforce organization as well as several new features to the PMC to help partners with account provisioning. 

What's new in Keepit

Restore your entire Salesforce organization

To help meet your disaster recovery needs, you can now restore your entire Salesforce organization to the same location. Simply open the restore wizard and select Restore full organization. You can even choose how to recover the data – whether to create missing items, update items that still exist in Salesforce, or delete items in Salesforce that are not in the snapshot.

New features in the Partner Management Console (PMC)

Create product portfolios for your partners

We have introduced a Product Portfolio page to the PMC for clearer and simpler provisioning. This is an overview of the products that can be added to your sub partners' product portfolios. In turn, these are the products that partners can assign to their customers.
For more information, see Working with products.

Add custom properties to meet customers' unique needs

With our new functionality, you can now add a custom property to set a seat limit for a connector type. You can also schedule multiple values of the custom property in case seat limits need to change in the future.
For more information, see Working with custom properties.