Notifications of completed backups

I would like an email or Teams notification, something, that a backup completed successfully.  For those of us who have been in a backup support role for a while now, not getting any notification of a successful backup is disturbing.  

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A backup "heartbeat" is needed otherwise the backup administrator has to login to the Keepit everyday to verify successful completion.

Can you let us know what you mean by a heartbeat?

I think the best solution is to send an email to the main account (Contact email) on the section "Account Info". It will be appreciate because as @ptownsend we need to connect each day.

For the moment we are using KeepIT's APIs to report successful and unsuccessful backups.


Sending an e-mail to the main account is fine, but it being able to designate the e-mail addresses getting the backup status would be best.

Both will be perfect indeed. Just wait KeepIT if they can integrate for a futur road map :) I don't think there are only 2 or 3 of us who want this improvement.

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