Add a Google Workspace connector

1. In the lower-right corner of the Connectors page, select Add connector > Add Google Workspace connector.

2. Click Install to be taken to the Google Workspace Marketplace, where you can install the Keepit App.
If you have already installed the Keepit App, select Skip this step

3. Go back to Keepit it and select Sign in. Enter the credentials to your Google Workspace admin account. Once this is complete, you will be redirected back to Keepit to the configuration window.

4. Configure your connector.

Here you can:

  • Change the name of the connector.
  • Select which users to back up using organizational units and groups. (By default, all users are included in the backup.)
  • Manage access to the connector by selecting the lock icon.
  • Limit the retention period for this particular connector if necessary.

5. Select Create. Your connector will be created and the first backup will be scheduled. 

How the organizational unit and group selection works

By default, all users in the whole Google Workspace organization are included in the backup. 

This is represented by the selected Organization checkbox. This means that all users in all organizational units as well as users who are not in any units are included in the backup. 

All organizational units will be automatically selected. You can explicitly exclude specific organizational units from the backup. Clear the checkboxes of the units you want to remove.

By default, groups are not selected and their selection is disabled because all users are already in the backup. If you want to add or remove users to the backup using groups, first deselect the Organization checkbox, and then select what to do with the groups. (You will also have to select any organizational units you want to include as they will be deselected when you clear the Organization checkbox.)

You can exclude users from the whole organization, from a specific organizational unit, or from a specific group. Load the list of users and then click the checkmarks of the users you want to exclude. Excluded users will be marked with a red ex mark. 

Alternatively, if you want to include users without selecting any organizational units or groups, clear all the checkboxes on the left, load the list of users, and then select the users you want to back up.

Tip: Use the filters to help you find organizational units, groups, or users. 

Checkbox states & their meanings

Organizational units and groups can have the following checkbox states:

  • Bold check mark – a parent selected for backup (all child units and groups included in backup)
  • Faded check mark – a child selected for backup (inherited from parent)
  • Indeterminate (minus sign) – a parent which has one or more child organizational units or groups excluded from the backup
  • Unchecked – not selected for backup (all child checkboxes are unchecked)

Users of an included organizational unit or group can have the following checkbox states:

  • Faded check mark – explicitly included in the backup
  • Red ex mark – explicitly excluded from backup

Users when no organizational units or groups are selected have the following checkbox state:

  • Bold check mark – explicitly selected for backup