In the unlikely event that all your SharePoint Sites have been damaged or lost, you can restore all of them from the root level using the general restore function.

This will recover your SharePoint data along with its configurations and metadata.

Please use this function with caution as certain data may be overwritten. 

How to do a general restore of your SharePoint data

To restore all your SharePoint data, go to your connector's page. Find the connector where your SharePoint data is located, select the gear button, and then select Restore.

Find a snapshot from a time when all your data was present, select the SharePoint checkbox, and then select Restore.

Note: SharePoint data can only be restored in place to its original location.

Your restore will be scheduled. You can keep track of the progress on the Job Monitor page.

What will happen to my data?

The data from the selected snapshot will be added to your SharePoint. 

If files in your Document Library or Views of Lists and Document Libraries with the same name already exist in SharePoint, they will be overwritten with the data in the snapshot.

If items in your Lists with the same ID already exist in SharePoint, they will be overwritten.

If a Subsite ID in SharePoint differs from the Subsite ID in the snapshot (for example, if the Subsite was previously lost and created), the Subsite will be skipped. 

Sites that are not found in the snapshot you are restoring but that are found in your SharePoint will not be deleted.

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