The Keepit Support Site can be accessed directly in Keepit by selecting the support icon at the bottom of the left navigation menu. 

You can also visit the site directly by opening it up in your web browser. 

The support site offers several channels through which you can get the support that you need. In addition to our Knowledge Base where you can find answers to common questions and step-by-step guides, our Support site has place to Get Support by submitting tickets, a page to see My Tickets, a Community Forum, a System Status page, and a live chat.

To have full access to all of these channels, we recommend you sign up with us, which can be done from the Log In page. Once you are logged in, you will be able to create topics and comment in the Forum and to gain access to the My Tickets page. You do not need to log in to access to the Knowledge Base, to chat with an agent, to submit a new ticket, or to visit the Systems Status page.

Get Support

The Get Support page is where you can submit tickets.

My Tickets

The My Tickets page is where you can find an overview of all your tickets. Here you can use your account to raise future support tickets and track their status.


The Forum page is where you can read Keepit announcements, share ideas on how to make the product even better, ask questions, and report problems. Support representatives can convert reported problems into tickets.

There are four different categories: Announcements, Ideas, Questions, and Report a problem. You can create new topics (articles) under Ideas, Questions, and Report a problem. You can also take part in discussions by commenting on topics. 

Another feature of the Forum is that you can follow any category or topic. This means you will receive an email every time a new topic is added to a followed category or every time someone comments on a followed topic.

For example, you can receive a notification every time we publish new Release Notes, which are posted under the Announcements category. You can subscribe to these news by clicking Follow under the Announcements category.

System Status

The System Status page is where you can check for scheduled system maintenance, deployments, and incidents. By selecting the Subscribe to updates button you can get email notifications any time Keepit creates, updates, or resolves an incident. You can also subscribe to an incident and receive updates via email and/or text message.

Live Chat

The live chat feature is where you can chat with a Support agent. Just message your questions to us and we will quickly respond and create a ticket with the information that we have gathered. The chat can be opened by clicking the green chat icon found in the lower-right corner of the Support site.