Azure Blob Storage can be configured by a Keepit administrator and remains transparent for Keepit users. Configuring Azure as a storage backend, the administrator makes all their sub-users and themself use Azure Blob Storage instead of Keepit Object Store.
An Azure configuration can be changed only if the administrator account is empty. Before making any changes, the administrator must delete all existing:

  • Subusers
  • Devices
  • Group drives

Accounts that were created before the Azure setup cannot be moved to Azure Blob. And once a backup with Azure begins, there is no way to move it to one of Keepit's data centers.

Prepare Azure
To set up Azure blob storage to store your data, you must first prepare Azure by adding a storage account in your Azure Portal.

Choose your own settings, but make sure to select BlobStorage as the Account kind.

You can also choose the location where your data will be stored, but please remember that all data will first flow through one of Keepit's data centers: the Danish data center if on the EU environment, the US one if on the US environment, or the Australian one if on the AU environment. 

After you have set up a storage account, create a blob. Then add a container with the public access level set to Private.

Configure Azure in Keepit

Once you have prepared Azure, configure Azure in Keepit.

  1. From the Administration panel, click the Azure tab to open the Azure Configuration settings.
  2. Select Enabled
  3. In the Account Name field, enter the name of the Azure storage account.
  4. In the Shared Key field, enter an access key. The key can be found in the Azure Portal under SettingsAccess keys. You will see two keys – you can use either one. 
  5. In the Container field, enter the name of your container.
  6. Select Save.