Keepit supports in-place restore for individual Dynamics 365 data items (records). Records can be restored either individually or together with all related records.

Keepit does not restore metadata, but metadata can be previewed, shared, and downloaded.

If the original file still exists in Dynamics 365, it will be overwritten when you restore.

All security roles and security fields are restored properly.

Note: It is not possible to restore records from the Activities folders – these records can be restored only from their source folders. For example, to restore a task record, restore it from the Tasks folder.

Restore a Dynamics 365 record

1. Browse your folders or use the search to find your record.

2. Optional: If you want to restore a record from an earlier point in time, select the Snapshots Viewer, and then select the appropriate snapshot.

3. To the right of the record, select ••• > Restore.

Note: To preview the record, select the item to open the File Previewer. In the upper-left corner, select the Restore icon.

4. Select the method of restore, and then select Next.

  • Restore only this record - Restoring only this record will restore only the selected record and no connected records. 
  • Also restore related record(s) - Restoring related record(s) means that the record as well as all connected records that are found under it will be restored. For example, if you restore an account, you will also be restoring all records under the account (for example, Social Profiles, opportunities, activities, and contacts).

Note: If you select Also restore related record(s), the restore job may be marked as failed in the Job Monitor even if the record and related record(s) successfully restores. This is because there is a chance that Microsoft will fail to restore system files. These system files are not needed to bring your data back.

5. Review the restore summary and select Confirm.

What happens to your data after you restore

The record (and if applicable all related records) will be restored back to Dynamics. If a record of the same name already exists in Dynamics, it will be overwritten. All records retain their original IDs when they are restored.

The restored record will have a timestamp reflecting the time of the restore.

Regardless of which method you select, the Job Monitor will show that more items were restored than selected. These additional items are metafiles that are invisible to the user in Dynamics but necessary for the proper functioning of the record.

If the metadata and/or configuration(s) attributed to the record in the snapshot is different from that in Dynamics, Keepit will still attempt to restore the record. Depending on the API, the record may or may not restore.

Restoring a record with a required field that has been deleted

A record cannot be restored if one of its required fields references another record that has been deleted. For example, if you create a case record and fill in the required customer field with an existing contact, and that contact record is then deleted, then you will not be able to restore the case record. You can, however, restore both your case and contact if you restore the contact record and select Also restore related record(s).