In Keepit, Office 365 groups and teams data is backed up in the Groups & Teams backup, while team sites are backed up in the SharePoint backup. This means that if you want to backup a group's team site and its notebook, the SharePoint backup must be enabled in addition to the Groups & Teams backup. For more details, see: What groups and teams data is backed up? Accordingly, what is restored from the Groups & Teams folder depends on whether or not you have the SharePoint backup enabled.

Please note that while Channel conversations and Wiki pages are backed up, they cannot be restored, only downloaded.

How to Restore a Group

To restore a group:

1. In Keepit, navigate to the group you want to restore. The group will have the same name as the team.

2. To the right of the group, select the more options icon and then select Restore

  • If SharePoint is enabled

If you lost a group and its team site:

When you restore the group, both the group and the team site are restored completely. The notebook will also be created.

If you lost a group and but the team site still exists:

When you restore the group, the group is restored along with the team site and notebook, but the site will have another URL.

Note: If you lost a team site but the group still exists, restore the team site from the SharePoint backup.

  • If SharePoint is not enabled

When you restore a group, a new site will be created but it will be empty and there will be no notebook.

How to Recover Teams Channels and Files

After you restore the group associated with the team, you can create a new team from the group. Then you can bring back channels and files to the team.
Note: It is not possible to return Conversations and Wiki pages back to the team.

Create a team from the group:

1. In Microsoft Teams, create a team from the group. All members of the group will automatically become members of the newly created team.

For instructions on how to do this, see: 

Bring back channels and files to a team in Teams:

Now that your team has been recreated, you can easily bring back channels and files:

1. In Microsoft Teams, select the team, open the General channel.

2. Select Files, then select Open in SharePoint

3. In SharePoint select Documents. Here you will see all channels.

4. Back in Teams, create new channels with the same exact names.  The files will automatically be returned to Teams.