By default, all SharePoint data is backed up by Keepit. The advanced SharePoint configuration allows you to exclude specific types of SharePoint data as well as individual SharePoint sites or domains from your backup.

Please keep in mind that limiting the data in your backup can affect your restore functionality. Accordingly, the advanced SharePoint configuration should be used only in cases where very large amounts of data need to be backed up or for troubleshooting. For more information on how your restore can be affected, see: Restoring SharePoint data with a custom backup configuration

To configure your SharePoint backup:

1. Select the gear icon to the right of your connector, then select Configure connector.

2. If SharePoint is not already included in your backup, select the SharePoint check box. This will enable the advanced SharePoint configuration.

3. Select Configure under the SharePoint data area.

4. Select which SharePoint data types to include in the backup.

Note: It is not possible to select only metadata for the backup. Library files and/or List items must also be selected. 

5. To exclude SharePoint sites or domains, enter the URL of the site or domain and then press enter. There is no limit to the number of sites or domains you can exclude. To remove a URL from the list, click x to the left of the URL.

Only valid URL addresses will be saved.

Example of URL of a site:
Example of URL of a domain:

If you enter a domain, all sites and subsites that use this domain will be excluded from the backup.

Note: If you enter URLs to exclude from the backup, you must also select which data you include in the above step. Otherwise, it will not be possible to save the configuration.

6. Select Save, then select Save on the main connector configuration window. Your changes will come into effect as soon as the next backup begins.

7. An asterisk will appear near the SharePoint data area on the main configuration window. This indicates that your SharePoint backup has a custom configuration.