A Master Administrator can add, edit, and delete users, which have a certain set of permissions. There is no limitation to the number of users that are created.

New users that are created do not have access to any connectors until the Master Administrator grants them access, with the exception of Master Administrators and Audit users who have access to all connectors by default. The Backup Administrator automatically has access to the connector that he creates.

To create a new user:

1. Select Users under the menu in the upper-right corner.

2. Select Create user.

3. Select role, and then enter a name and email. For a list of available user roles, click here.

4. Either select the Send activation mail check box or enter a password manually and confirm:

  • If you check select the Send activation mail check box, the user will receive an email with a set password link. The password field will be disabled.¬†

  • If you don't want to the new user to receive an activation mail, enter a password and confirm password.

5. (Optional) Chose an expiration time.

6. Select Create user.