In case your connector is experiencing poor backup or restore performance, you can calculate the estimated time for a current job to complete.

These instructions use a connector's backup speed during the last backup job to predict how quickly the next job — either backup or restore — will run. 

To calculate the estimated time for a job to complete:

1. On the Job Monitor page, check the last succeeded backup job on the connector. 

2. Calculate the number of hours of the job by finding the difference between the Start Time and End Time. In this case, 1 hrs.

3. Check how much data (in MB, GB or TB) was backed up during this job. In this case, 65 MB.

4. Calculate the speed (in Mbph/Gbph) of this job by dividing the size by the number of hours. In this case, 65/1 = 65Mbph. 

5. Check your account to see how much data (in MB, GB or TB) you were expecting to back up. If you are calculating Microsoft 365 data, click here for more information. If you already have a full backup, then subtract the amount that is already in Keepit from the amount you have currently in Microsoft 365. In the example case, 2 GB.

6. Calculate the estimated time by dividing the expected amount of data by the speed. It is important to remember to make all calculations in the same units of measurement. In this case, 2GB/0.65=3h. This means that the job should take an estimated 3 hours.