If you were a Veritas SaaS Backup customer, please adjust your SSO settings.

To reconfigure SSO, you must update the Identifier and Reply URL fields in your SSO application in Azure AD or other identity provider.

Below are instructions on how to reconfigure SSO if you are using Azure AD as identity provider:

  1. Sign in to Azure Active Directory.
  2. Select Enterprise applications.
  3. Open your SSO application.
  4. In the left-hand navigation menu, select Single sign-on
  5. Edit Basic SAML configuration box.
  6. In the Identifier field, replace the current identifier with the new identifier.
    Use the one that corresponds to your data center:
    Denmark (Copenhagen): https://dk-co.keepit.com/sso/metadata
    United States (Washington, DC): https://us-dc.keepit.com/sso/metadata
    Australia (Sydney): https://au-sy.keepit.com/sso/metadata
    United Kingdom (London): https://uk-ld.keepit.com/sso/metadata

  7. In the Reply URL field, replace the current URL with the new URL.
    Use the one corresponds to your data center:
    Denmark (Copenhagen): https://dk-co.keepit.com/sso/login
    United States (Washington, DC): https://us-dc.keepit.com/sso/login
    Australia (Sydney): https://au-sy.keepit.com/sso/login
    United Kingdom (London): https://uk-ld.keepit.com/sso/login

  8. Select Save.

Now sign in to Keepit from the appropriate URL:
eu.saasbackup.veritas.com > dk-co.keepit.com/desktop/
us.saasbackup.veritas.com > us-dc.keepit.com/desktop/
ap.saasbackup.veritas.com > au-sy.keepit.com/desktop/
uk.saasbackup.veritas.com > uk-ld.keepit.com/desktop/

If you have not done so already, please be sure to re-authenticate all your connectors to complete the transfer to Keepit.

If you need help reconfiguring your SSO or are using a different identity provider, please contact customersuccess@keepit.com.