If you were a Veritas customer, to complete your move to Keepit, please reauthenticate all your connectors.

To reauthenticate your connectors:

Before you begin, open an incognito window to ensure you re-authenticate with the right account.

  1. Select the keepit.com URL button you see on the landing page.
  2. Open the connectors page, select the gear icon on the connector you wish to re-authenticate.
  3. In the lower-right corner of the configuration window, select the shield icon.
  4. Select Authenticate to be re-directed to Microsoft.
  5. Sign in to Microsoft using your global admin account and accept the permissions. You will then be taken back to Keepit.

Be sure to do this for all of your connectors.

Want to know more: 

Watch this short video to learn how to reauthenticate  

Read our FAQ if you have questions, and visit this page for more information about the reassignment from Veritas. 

Are you a Salesforce or Google Workspace backup customer?  

Please contact customersuccess@keepit.com, and we will help you reauthenticate. 

Questions or concerns? 

You are always welcome to contact customersuccess@keepit.com