Backup coverage

The Azure DevOps connector protects the following services: Azure Boards and Azure Pipelines

The connector also protects related data at the organizational and project levels. 

Inside the connector, your data is structured as follows:


  • Projects
    • Agent Queues
    • Areas
    • Azure Boards
      • Delivery Plans
      • Queries
      • Team Sprints
      • Work Items 
    • Pipelines
      • Pipelines
      • Environments
      • Releases
      • Library
    • Dashboards (including widgets)
    • Deployment groups
    • Iterations
    • Teams
      • Backlogs
      • Boards
      • Dashboards
      • Iterations
      • Members
      • Areas
    • Wiki (project wiki)
  • Users
  • Agent Pools
  • Deployment Pools

Backup limitations

Work items

The backup of the following is not supported:

  • Reactions to work item comments
  • Links to work items
  • Custom field types

Only the last version of a work item comment is backed up


Due to API limitations, we cannot backup:

  • Secure Files
  • Secure Variables

The backup of the following is not supported:

  • Permissions
  • Approvals and Checks
  • Task groups
  • Environmental Resources
  • Logs (pipeline runs, release history)


  • Only the more recent wiki version is backed up
  • Only links to attachments on Wiki pages, not the attachments themselves, are backed up
  • We do not support the backup of pages comments