Keepit 1.14.4 Release Notes

Keepit 1.14.4 Release Notes

January 30, 2018

We are pleased to inform you that Keepit 1.14.4 is up and running. This version of Keepit was specially released to accommodate feedback from customers. Our aim was to create a better experience for users during the backup process. With the new and improved features, users will now have a better understanding of backup growth by seeing the volume of data and the speed at which it is being backed up every day. Users also now have access to data even before an entire backup is complete.


Backup change indicator
We have added a backup change indicator to make it clearer to users that a backup is constantly in progress.  This means that users can now see how many megabytes of data have been backed up in the last 24 hours. This number can also be negative — in the case that the user reduces his backup dataset in that time. 

Access to partial snapshots
Keepit now displays partial snapshots, allowing users to browse and recover data that a backup has made copies of even if the entire backup is not completed. To read more about partial snapshots, please see: What are partial snapshots? 

Import dialog showing partial and complete snapshots

History Snapshots with partial and complete icons

What's New

New Notifications
Users will now receive notifications for any of the following:

  • When a backup fails on a critical level.
  • When a user starts a restore.
  • When a restore succeeds. (This message will include a list of the files that were restored.)
  • When a restore fails. (This message will include information on how it failed.)

New user role
We have added a new user role – Standard Support. This user has permission to import files using the rename, overwrite, and skip methods as well as permission to restore an entire connector and individual files or folders.

If you have any questions, concerns, or feature requests, please don't hesitate to contact us at