Keepit 1.14.2 Release Notes

December 2018

We recently released Keepit 1.14.2 and are here to provide you with an update on the platform's latest features, improvements, and fixed issues.

What's New
Keepit now supports the Office 365 German environment

When creating a new service, users can now choose Germany as their Office 356 environment. This is great news as it means Keepit can now back up the data of users who use the German version of Microsoft.


Better performance
We worked on a lot of stabilization issues, which means you will notice that Keepit is running even quicker and smoother than before.

Data processing speeds have increased
Keepit can now process and display users’ data even faster which means that customers with large accounts will be able to see their data from the latest backup almost immediately.

More detailed reports
We have implemented hierarchical report generation. This means that reports for partners now include statistics for all sub-accounts. You will still see an overview of all the data for the admin account at the top of the Reports page, but now if you scroll down there are separate reports for each of the sub-users.

In this release we fixed several bugs that will make your user experience even better:

  • Re-authenticating Office 365 now always works 
  • The language selector in the footer now works properly
  • Password protected public links now work as intended
  • Payment system now works and can correctly process payments
  • Network fail errors have been fixed on PC Connectors: "Cannot resolve host name" message no longer appears even when there is no problem with the connection

If you have any questions, concerns, or feature requests, please don't hesitate to contact us at