Keepit 1.14.3 Release Notes

December 4, 2018

We are happy to inform you that Keepit 1.14.3. has been released. These notes describe the new features, improvements, and fixed issues that can be found in this version.

The main features of this version are the new way to enable SSO, a clearer way to browse data that is still being indexed by the search engine, and a more understandable interface for configuring a connector.

For this release we have fixed a lot of stabilization issues as well as made several improvements based on specific requests from clients.

What's New

New convenient way to enable SSO
We have introduced a new way to deploy SSO for individual users. Now a User Admin has the ability to configure and enable SSO.


Improved user experience when browsing unindexed data
We have worked on improving the user experience in cases where the search engine has yet to index the data of a given backup. In such cases you will be notified that you are browsing a snapshot that is still being indexed. This means that some advanced features, such as the search and sort functions, will be disabled. Furthermore, you will have the option to easily switch from browsing un-indexed to indexed backups and vice versa. This clearer way of browsing data also applies to History Snapshots. Each backup in History Snapshots is now marked with an icon showing whether it has been indexed or not.

Groups in connector configuration renamed for better usability
Selecting data and accounts when configuring a connector for backup is now less ambiguous. The data type Groups has been renamed Office 365 Groups to clarify that if selected then all Office 365 Groups used for collaboration including conversations, calendar, notebook, planner, files, and team sites will be backed up. Additionally, the Groupstab for selecting accounts for backup has been renamed AD Groups to clarify that if groups are selected then selected data for each member of an Active Directory (AD) Group will be backed up.

Spam and malware are now skipped in G Suite backup
We no longer back up files that have been identified by Google as spam or malware.


In this release we fixed several bugs that will make your user experience even better:

  • User Admins can now start a backup through a PC connector
  • The correct file name is now displayed after downloading an email
  • Several language and display issues have been fixed, including:
         - English language user interface is saved when selected and no longer switches back to Danish
         - Apostrophes in the names of Connectors are now properly displayed 
  • A number of security issues have been fixed

If you have any questions, concerns, or feature requests, please don't hesitate to contact us at