Keepit 2.2.7 Release Notes

On February 5, 2.2 Patch 7 was released on all three production environments – AP, US, and EU.

This release provided several improvements, fixes, and optimizations.

Of special interest are the following:


  • Improvements to Snapshot retention. Specific and generic snapshot retention is working as expected and no cloud connectors use only generic snapshot retention.


  • Downloading PST files through email (no matter if one is an SSO user or not) now works properly. 
  • Downloading PST files from the bell icon now works properly. 

Issue to be aware of

  • Encoding issues. We found the reason why restoring list with metadata columns sometimes does not work.  List items cannot be restored if List metadata columns have symbols, special characters (including Danish letters), or spaces in its names. This means that as long as column names have no special symbols the restore will work for both single and multi value types.