Keepit 2.2.8 Release Notes

Today, February 20, Keepit 2.2.8 is being released on all three production environments – AP, US, and EU.

Of special interest are the following:


  • Import optimizations - increased snapshot import & indexation speeds
  • We have increased the number of retries up 10 to get SharePoint subsites in case of throttling


  • We fixed an issue that was causing SharePoint list item attachments to not back up properly.
  • In case we fail to reach site collections because of throttling, we no longer report 0 seats consumed, but instead the SharePoint resource usage from the previous backup job. (In this case we will fail the backup job.)
  • When restoring a whole Document Library that includes managed metadata columns, the files' fields are now properly restored.
  • Restore job no longer stalls when we try to update the job statistics with a list of failed items. 
  • PST download job now shows up as "PST Download" under "Type" in the Job Monitor page and this type can now be selected in the filter.