3.0.2 - Keepit Patch Release Notes

Keepit 3.0.2 will be released today to the AP environment, and on Tuesday, May 19, to the US and EU environments.

This patch consists of the following:

  • PST download improvements
  • Performance improvements
  • Teams restore fix: Replies are now restored along with deleted main messages
  • Office 365 re-login fix
  • Improvements to mail sorting
  • Users can now successfully log in to Keepit after being assigned a new user role
  • Advanced SharePoint configuration fix: Excluded group sites are no longer backed up in cases when the Groups & Teams data area is included in the backup
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the restore of Dynamics 365 records if one of their required fields references another record
  • We have increased the number of retries to restore a Dynamics 365 file in case of throttling
  • Users can now update Dynamics credentials by clicking on the "Credentials no longer valid, please update" status