Keepit 2020 Q1 Patch 2 Release Notes

Keepit 2020 Q1 Patch 2 will be released today to the AP environment, and on Tuesday, May 19, to the US and EU environments.

This patch consists of the following:

  • PST download improvements
  • Performance improvements
  • Teams restore fix: Replies are now restored along with deleted main messages
  • Office 365 re-login fix
  • Improvements to mail sorting
  • Users can now successfully log in to Keepit after being assigned a new user role
  • Advanced SharePoint configuration fix: Excluded group sites are no longer backed up in cases when the Groups & Teams data area is included in the backup
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the restore of Dynamics 365 records if one of their required fields references another record
  • We have increased the number of retries to restore a Dynamics 365 file in case of throttling
  • Users can now update Dynamics credentials by clicking on the "Credentials no longer valid, please update" status