4.4.1 - Keepit Patch Release Notes

Keepit 4.4.1 will be released today, March 2, to the AP and UK environments, and tomorrow, March 3, to the EU and US environments.

This patch release includes several improvements and fixes and further strengthens security. 

Enhancements to the backup of private channel files

To back up the files of Teams private channels, you no longer have to enable the SharePoint data area. These files are now backed up in the channel's Files folder and can now be restored directly from the Groups & Teams backup.

Due to this improvement, now if a private channel has been deleted, restoring it will bring back not only the channel's conversations but also the channel's files.

Improvements to Dynamics restore

We have improved the restore of Dynamics records, in particular the restore of the statuses of all entities and the restore of stages of Opportunity entities.

To ensure that the stage of an Opportunity is restored correctly, the "restore related records" method should be selected for the restore.

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