4.5.0 - Keepit Minor Release Notes

This update introduces multiple performance improvements, enhancements to the user interface, and several fixes.

New left navigation menu

We have introduced a new and improved collapsible left-side navigation menu. Get quick access to all pages of the platform in one consolidated view.

Optimized Teams backup

  • We have made the Teams backup faster, adding more efficiency to the backup of Teams chat messaging.

  • We now back up and restore standard channel tabs, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, and Power BI, ensuring that the restored channel will looks as it did originally. 

Increased OneDrive backup speed

The number of API calls needed to back up OneDrive folders in Microsoft 365 have been reduced to give a quicker and more efficient backup of your OneDrive data.

Global admin no longer required to back up SharePoint and OneDrive

For increased security, we no longer require the global admin service account to become a site collection administrator in order to back up SharePoint and OneDrive. Now, when a connector is created, the global admin will not be automatically added as an admin of all SharePoint sites and of all users' OneDrives.

Faster Smart Search

Searching for important files to recover is smoother and quicker, as we have implemented a number of backend changes to improve search performance.