4.6.0 - Keepit Minor Release Notes

This update introduces performance and UI improvements as well as several fixes.


Faster OneDrive backup

We have further improved the way we back up OneDrive data, which will significantly increase the speed of the incremental backup.

New unsuccessful job reasons

We have introduced to the UI additional reasons for unsuccessful backup and restore jobs so that you will have a better understanding of the issue and what action to take.

ZIP downloads now in Job Monitor for better visibility

ZIP downloads have been added as a new job type to the Job Monitor. This will help you keep track of and manage all of your downloads.

Improvements to SharePoint and Groups & Teams backup configuration

We have added a toggle to make it even easier to enable the feature that automatically adds all new SharePoint sites and Groups & Teams to your backup. Now you will have even more control and a better overview of what SharePoint and Groups & Teams data are being backed up.