5.0.2 - Keepit Patch Release Notes

5.0.2 - Keepit Patch Release will be released today to all five production environments.  

This release includes several improvements as well as various fixes.

Improved backup of Teams private channels

We added Protected API to improve the backup of Teams private channels. Using the new API allows for private channels to be fully backed up without making the Global admin a member of these channels.

To use the new API, the list of Microsoft permissions granted to the Keepit app must be updated. This can be done by upgrading the Keepit app in Microsoft.

To upgrade the app, re-authenticate your connector from the dashboard page.

Enhanced Google Workspace connector performance

We have implemented a synchronization mechanism to reduce the number of API requests in Google Workspace. This will allow for a more efficient backup of Google Workspace data.

Google Forms now backed up

Our Google Workspace connector now backs up Google Forms.