5.2.0 - Keepit Release Notes

We are excited to announce the release of Keepit 5.2.0. This release includes several improvements to our SharePoint backup and restore, the introduction of our Power BI connector, and a new restore wizard for Salesforce data. 

Seamlessly restore your Salesforce data with our new wizard

We have created a brand new restore wizard adding new functionality and streamlining the restore process. We have also made it possible to restore across environments, allowing you to restore data to a different production or sandbox environment.

With the restore wizard, you can now:

  • Easily restore multiple records at a time
  • Restore related records and see a list of all the records that will be restored
  • Restore specific fields of records
  • Anonymize fields by replacing them with dummy data

Protect your workspaces with our new Power BI connector

Power BI workspace reports and dataflows are a key part of daily operations for many businesses. Protect them with our comprehensive backup and easy restore capabilities thanks to the new Power BI connector. It's initially being released as a beta so reach out to our customer success team to request to join.

Recover any version of your SharePoint items and files

With our enhanced backup of SharePoint, now all versions of your list items and library files are protected. You can preview the versions in our improved Versions Viewer Previewer and use our sophisticated restore functionality to recover the exact version you need.