6.0.0 - Keepit Release Notes

We are excited to announce the release of Keepit 6.0.0. This release introduces our brand new Zendesk connector.

Protect your Zendesk data with our new connector 

Ensure your organization has uninterrupted access to business critical Zendesk data with our Zendesk connector.

The connector offers the secure backup of the following Zendesk data types: tickets, users, groups, organizations, views, macros, automations, and triggers.

Use our platform features to find and recover your data, including the smart search, in-place restore, point-in-time recovery, data download, online preview, and secure link sharing.  

 For more information, visit our Support Site

Contact our Customer Growth team at customergrowth@keepit.com to learn more and activate your Zendesk connector today.

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