6.1.0 - Keepit Release Notes

We are happy to announce the release of Keepit 6.1.0. This release introduces better session token and API token management. In addition, it includes enhancements to SSO functionality in the Keepit platform and in the Partner Management Console (PMC).

Manage session tokens and create API tokens for API integration

Now a master admin can view and delete session tokens on their user account and for other users.

A master admin can also now create API tokens to integrate with the API. A single API token can be used to authenticate multiple API requests - making API integration even easier.

Changes to SSO functionality оn the Keepit platform

Access to the SSO configuration is now found under the Security tab in the the Master Admin account info.

In addition, now only one SSO configuration can be enabled at a time. If you had more than one configuration enabled before, they will still all be enabled and the same one will remain active. However, as soon as you make any changes to a configuration and save it, all other configurations will be disabled.

Improvements to SSO in PMC

Single Sign-On (SSO) is now available for partner accounts in the new Partner Management Console (PMC). When enabling a configuration, the partner has the option to enable SSO just for their account or also for all subaccounts. The partner also has the option to make SSO mandatory, requiring users to log in with SSO by disabling the option to use PMC credentials.

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