Notifications of completed backups

I would like an email or Teams notification, something, that a backup completed successfully.  For those of us who have been in a backup support role for a while now, not getting any notification of a successful backup is disturbing.  

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A backup "heartbeat" is needed otherwise the backup administrator has to login to the Keepit everyday to verify successful completion.

Can you let us know what you mean by a heartbeat?

I think the best solution is to send an email to the main account (Contact email) on the section "Account Info". It will be appreciate because as @ptownsend we need to connect each day.

For the moment we are using KeepIT's APIs to report successful and unsuccessful backups.


Sending an e-mail to the main account is fine, but it being able to designate the e-mail addresses getting the backup status would be best.

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Both will be perfect indeed. Just wait KeepIT if they can integrate for a futur road map :) I don't think there are only 2 or 3 of us who want this improvement.

Hello everyone! My name is Wojciech and I am a Support and Service Consultant here at Keepit. 

I am glad that you have raised this topic and presented your ideas here.

I have gathered those comments and passed them directly to our Product Feedback team for their consideration.

If you wish to add anything here, please do. And if you have other ideas, feel free to post them in a separate topic.

Have a great day!

I would also be interested in this as we use Backup Radar to Dashboard & Report on backups to our clients and it works through email notifications.

"Collector Finishes a backup then send an email to an email address I can specifiy this is then picked up by Backup Radar and they process it into the Dashboard / Report which is sent to the client."

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