8.2.0 - Keepit Release Notes

We are happy to announce the upcoming release of Keepit 8.2.0. This release includes improvements to account management in the Keepit platform and introduces an audit log to the Partner Management Console. Please follow the release progress on the Keepit Status page.

What's new in the Keepit platform

Access all your account info in one place

 For better account management, we have moved all account-related information to the Account Info page. There you can find tabs for Account Settings, Users, Security, and Service & Billing

To access your account information, in the lower-left corner select your account profile > Account info.

Easily create new users with our enhanced flow

The flow for creating new users is now divided into three steps for clearer guidance. We have also improved the display of permissions for each role, making it easier to understand what role is most appropriate for the user. 

Access the new Users page by opening your Account Info.

What's new in the Partner Management Console 

Keep track of all account activity in the PMC audit log

We have introduced an audit log page to the Partner Management Console. Now partners can track changes that are made to their account and subaccounts. The audit log shows not only what event occurred, but also such information as which user initiated it, the IP address of the user who initiated it, and the time it occurred.