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Hi there,

I´m looking for a way to see how many licences are used at the moment. I don´t find any information but one topic posted 3 years ago in "ideas". In this article there is a link to the description of a public api and the GET-method how I can fetch the used licences. 

Unfortenately, the link is broken, and I didn´t find anything relating to "public apis". Can anybody support me with a new link, or - even better - with a way how I can see the used licences?

Here´s the Article

And here´s the broken link: Link 

Thank you, and greetings from Germany,


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Hello Vera,

My name is Wojciech and I would like to share with you some information on how you can gain access to the resources of your account (usage etc)

Method: GET

{url to the data center}/users/{user-id}/resources

This request is used to retrieve the resource consumption of the given user id including all sub-accounts. 

Important thing about this request: usage is returned only if product is assigned to the account directly and not available to subaccounts.

Please let me know here or via chat/ticket if that is helpful for you or if you would need anything else.

Have a great day!

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