8.5.0 - Keepit Release Notes

We are happy to announce the upcoming release of Keepit 8.5.0. This release includes changes to our SharePoint and OneDrive versions backup, adds pipelines to supported backup data in our Azure DevOps connector, and brings improvements to our Zendesk connector. Please follow the release progress on the Keepit Status page.

What's New

Configure the number of SharePoint and OneDrive versions to back up

On all newly created Microsoft 365 connectors by default we will back up only the last 100 versions of your SharePoint and OneDrive files. 

In the advanced settings of your backup configuration, you can enable the backup of all versions. 

If you already have versions enabled for your connector, we will continue to back up all versions.

Preview: Back up more data in your Azure DevOps connector

We now back up Azure Pipelines and their associated subtypes: pipelines, environments, releases, and library.

Additionally, we also now back up agent pools and queues as well as deployment pools and groups. 

Improvements to our Zendesk connector

Have more control over your Zendesk backup

We have improved the configuration window to provide you with more flexibility. Now you can choose to include or exclude views, macros, automations, and triggers from your backup. 

Search for Zendesk tickets by ID

We have added a ticket ID column to help you find tickets by their IDs.

Rest assured your Zendesk API requests won't reach the limit

We have introduced an internal throttling mechanism to control how many API requests we are using per minute. This will ensure that users can continue to work in Zendesk without disruptions.