9.0.0 - Keepit Release Notes

We are excited to announce the upcoming release of Keepit 9.0.0. Please follow the release progress on the Keepit Status page.

We are releasing a more advanced search engine and extended filtering options to help you find data quicker - enabling you to significantly reduce admin time spent on data management and recovery.  

Find your data seamlessly with our new search and filter improvements

Filter your Exchange data

Now you can limit your search to only include emails created within a specified time range. This gives you greater control of results and reduces search time. 

Follow your search progress

We have added a progress bar to better guide you on the progression of your search. If the search is taking too long, you can always cancel, narrow the scope, and re-run the search.

Search data in shared links 

We have enhanced your users' self-service experience by introducing full search to all shared links. Now, when you share a link with your colleagues, they can run a quick search through all content shared to find the files they need themselves – reducing time spent on handling data requests and identifying individual files greatly.