9.10.0 - Keepit Release Notes

We are happy to announce the upcoming release of Keepit 9.10.0. Please follow the release progress on the Keepit Status page.

What's New in Keepit

Auto-update SharePoint domain changes

Now, if you update your SharePoint domain in your Microsoft tenant, Keepit will automatically detect the changes to ensure that your backups continue to run without needing to contact support to manually update the domain.

What's New in the PMC

Complete control over customer creation with our new Enhanced Account Provisioning capabilities

Keepit partners can now benefit from a new account provisioning workflow, which will simplify and standardize the whole provisioning process.

Using a multi-step wizard, partners can easily and consistently create new accounts with the required product and connector information, service details, customer account details, and end-user details.

For resellers, there is the option to provision an account from the list of registered customer deals, using the account data we already hold to ensure consistency and data integrity.