To ensure that your backup is performed correctly, we recommend the following when setting up your Google Workspace backup:

Use a supported Google Workspace edition

To run the Keepit Google Workspace backup, you can have any of the following Google Workspace editions: Business, Education, Enterprise, Essentials, Frontline

We do not cover product SKUs that are not relevant in the scope of GW such as Google voice, Google Vault, Google cloud identity, and Google cloud identity premium.

Use an administrator account for the backup

You must use an administrator account with access to data across all accounts to configure the backup. 

Enable API access for your Google data

Make sure that third-party apps that users access with their account can ask for unrestricted Google data for the user. 

To allow access to third-party apps:

  1. Sign in to the Google Admin console with your administrator account.
  2. In the left-hand menu, select Security > Access and data control > API controls
  3. Click the Settings card.
  4. Click Unconfigured third-party apps.
  5. Select (Default) Allow users to access third-party apps.
  6. Click Save.

Install the Keepit app in Google Workspace Marketplace

As part of the connector creation, you will need to install the Keepit app in Google Workspace Marketplace. 

You can do this before you add your connector or while you are creating your connector.

To install the app before you create your connector, see Install the Keepit App in Google Workspace Marketplace.