Keepit Data Centers

Keepit stores data in one of its three data centers, which are located in the EU, the US, and Australia.

Microsoft Azure Blob Storage

Keepit also supports Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, which can be set up at the request of the customer.

Azure Blob Storage can be configured by a Keepit administrator and remains transparent for Keepit users. Configuring Azure as a storage backend, the administrator makes all their first level sub-users and themself use Azure Blob Storage instead of Keepit Object Store.

An Azure configuration can be changed only if the administrator account is empty. Before making any changes, the administrator must delete all existing:

  • Sub-users
  •  Devices
  •  Group drives

Accounts that were created before the Azure setup cannot be moved to Azure Blob. And once you start a backup with Azure, there is no way to move it to one of our data centers.