Standard and Custom Objects

Keepit backs up records (with all standard and custom fields) of custom and standard objects

  • All custom objects
  • Main standard objects
    • Account
    • Campaign
    • Campaign Member
    • Case
    • Contact
    • Event
    • Lead
    • Note
    • Opportunity
    • Task
  • Other standard objects that the Salesforce API allows us to access. (The exact types of objects that are supported may vary for each organization.)

Files and Attachments

  • Attachments (files attached to record from Salesforce Classic)
  • Files
    • Files attached to record from Lightning Experience
    • Files uploaded to Files on Salesforce organization

Note: Files and attachments are automatically restored together with records. Attachments cannot be restored on their own, but downloaded and shared.

Object Metadata

  • Parent-child relationship
  • Field configurations
  • General information

Note: Metadata is backed up to help us process records during backup and restore. Metadata is not visible to the user and cannot be restored separately.

Unsupported Standard Objects

Objects disabled from the backup

The following standard objects are not supported due to API limitations and have been disabled from the backup.

Objects with API limitations

Standard objects that we cannot access due to unforeseen API limitations. The exact types of objects may vary for each organization.

Objects not queryable

Standard objects that that are not queryable (the object's configuration gives us this information). The exact types of objects may vary for each organization.

Other Unsupported Items

  • Approval processes
  • Flows
  • Workflows
  • Chatter and feeds
  • Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Page layouts

Campaigns Backup and Restore

We back up Campaign and Campaign Members in two different folders.


When you open a backed up Campaign in Keepit, you will see a .json file where only Campaign Details will be shown. All other data that is part of the Campaign – Campaign Hierarchy, Open Activities, Active History, Opportunities, and Campaign Members – except for Attachments, is backed up as a Campaign, but will be found in other Objects folders. For example, under Open Activities you can have tasks, which means that they will be backed up in the Task folder. Opportunities items will be backed up in the Opportunity folder, and so on. But when you restore a whole Campaign, all of this will be restored under your Campaign in Salesforce.

Campaign Member

In Salesforce you can add a Contact or a Lead as a Campaign Member. This means that Contacts and Leads will be duplicated they will be backed up in two Objects folders: the Contacts or Leads folder and the CampaignMember folder. If you restore a Campaign Member from the CampaignMember folder, the item will be restored to the campaign and not to your list of Contacts or Leads. 

We back up all Campaign Members from all Campaigns in the CampaignMember folder. You can restore an individual Campaign Member by opening the CampaignMember folder and selecting restore to the right of the member.