To ensure that your Keepit backup is performed correctly and to avoid problems down the line, we recommend the following when setting up your Microsoft 365 account:

Ensure the service account has proper permissions

The Microsoft 365 service account used to handle the backup must have the proper permissions so that we can access and back up Azure DevOps organizations.

To have these permissions, the service account must meet one of the following criteria:

1. Organization Owner: As an owner, the service account will automatically become a member of the organization's PCA group. 


2. Member of both the organization and its Project Collection Administrators group

The criteria needs to be true for each organization accessible to the service account. 

For more about becoming a member of the PCA group, see Change permissions at the organization or collection-level

Enable third-party application access for each organization

To give Keepit access to all data in Azure DevOps, enable third-party application access via OAuth for each organization you want to back up.

Sign in to Azure DevOps and select Organization settings > Policies. Then enable Third-party application access via OAuth. Repeat for each organization. 

Create an Azure DevOps connector

Important: Before you begin, please ensure you are signed out of all personal Microsoft accounts and are only signed in to the account you will be using for the backup. Otherwise, please sign in to Keepit in an incognito window.

1. On the Connectors page, select Add connector > Add Azure DevOps —Āonnector

2. Select Sign in to be redirected to the Microsoft sign-in page. Enter the credentials for your service account with the proper permissions. If you are not already signed in, enter your Microsoft 365 account credentials. 

3. Read through the permissions and allow access by selecting Accept.

Note: You will be asked for permissions only the first time you create a connector. After that, Keepit retains the permissions it needs. 

4. You will be redirected back to Keepit where you can configure your connector.

Here you can:

5. Select Create. Your connector will be created and the first backup will be scheduled.