To restore an app registration:

1. In your connector, find the app registration you want to restore.
2. Optional: If you want to restore an item from an earlier point in time, open the Snapshots Viewer. Then select the appropriate snapshot.
3. To the right of the item, click ••• Restore.
4. Click Yes to restore the item.

Note: To restore multiple items at a time, select the items. In the toolbar, click Restore.

What happens to your app registrations after you restore?

Data is restored in place.

Restoring an app registration will update basic information about the application (Essentials in the overview) and the data in the sections Branding & propertiesAuthentication, and App roles.

Restoring an app registration will also reestablish links to its owners.

Note: A relationship can be reestablished only if the linked object exists in Azure AD.


Due to an API limitation, we do not back up or restore data in Certificates & secrets. After an app registration is restored, create the certificates and client secrets manually.