7.0.0 - Keepit Release Notes

In this release we introduced a series of improvements to the user interface and design to give you better visibility of features and more control when using the platform.

Find data for recovery even faster

We have added more ways to refine your search with improvements to sorting and filtering. The optimized features will make it even easier and quicker for you to find your data.

For more information, see Find data for recovery.

Navigate across the platform with improved user interface

We now have an even better way of showing the dataset:

  • We introduced pagination instead of lazy loading to reduce load times and help you browse through large numbers of items 
  • We organized content in an easy-to-scan table instead of a multiline view
  • We improved how the breadcrumbs work to help you navigate to different folders.

For more information, see Find data for recovery.

Scandinavian languages no longer supported in UI

With this release, Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian languages will no longer be available for Keepit's user interface (UI). If you have been using any of these languages, you will notice that you have been switched to English.