If you see the message "Credentials no longer valid, please update" next to your connector, this means that Keepit cannot perform a backup and your health status is critical.

The most common reason that this message appears is because the authentication between Keepit and Microsoft 365 is no longer valid. This happens when your Microsoft 365 session expires. Simply click this message and you will be taken to Microsoft where you can re-authenticate.

Another reason you may see this message is if you have conditional access enabled in Azure Active Directory. Keepit uses an App+User access token as one of its authorization mechanisms to back up Microsoft 365 data. When a user sets up conditional access, Keepit may not be able to get this access token, and accordingly, the “Credentials no longer valid” message will appear. 

Important: If you have removed the Global admin role from the service account you are using for the backup, remember to re-assign the role before you authenticate. After you authenticate you can again remove the Global admin role. Learn more about the Global admin role here.