Keepit offers eight predefined roles that can be assigned to users who need access to a Keepit account. A role is a set of permissions that defines what a user can do in the platform.

Users can perform the actions of their roles only on connectors they have access to. For more information on managing access to connectors, see Configure role-based access control (RBAC) for a connector.

Here's a table of available user roles and what permissions are available for each one: 

Backup Configuration

  • Create connectors
    User can create new connectors
  • Configure connectors
    User can configure connectors
  • Delete connectors
    User can delete connectors
  • Reauthenticate connectors
    User can reauthenticate connectors


  • View Dashboard
    User can access the Dashboard page
  • View Job Monitor
    User can access the Job Monitor page
  • View Monitoring page
    User can access the Monitoring page

Data Management & Sharing

  • Browse connectors
    User can access Connectors page and browse through folders
  • Preview and download files
    User can preview and download files, including as ZIP and PST files
  • View public links
    User an access the public links page
  • Create public links
    User can share files or folders as public links

Data Recovery

  • Restore or import: skip
    User can use the Restore Wizard to restore or import items in place using the "Skip duplicate items" method
  • Restore or import: overwrite
    User can use the Restore Wizard to restore or import items in place using the "Overwrite existing items" method
  • Restore or import: rename
    User can use the Restore Wizard to restore or import items in place using the "Rename duplicate items" method
  • Restore to folder
    User can use the Restore Wizard to restore items to a new folder
  • Initiate item restore
    User can restore individual files and folders


  • View RTBF page
    User can access RTBF page
  • Assign RTBF labels
    User can assign and remove RTBF labels
  • Generate compliance reports
    User can generate and download compliance reports


  • View Audit Log
    User can view the audit logs


  • View seat usage
    User can view seat usage

User & Token Management

  • Create, edit, delete users
    User can create, edit, and delete users
  • Manage access to connectors
    User can grant and restrict access to connectors to other users


  • Manage all account tickets
    User can view and manage all tickets created by the account's users

Account Security

  • View SSO configurations
    User can access the SSO page and view SSO configurations

  • Manage SSO configurations
    User can create, edit, and delete SSO configurations

  • Enable and configure MFA
    User can enable MFA for all users on an account
  • Create SIEM integrations
    User can create SIEM integrations

Advanced Management

  • Advanced management
    • User can skip captcha verification during user creation
    • User can create Master Admin token if ACL is not provided

    • User can view all token information, even of more privileged ones
    • User can send activation email to a user
    • User can manage access requests (list pending, accept, decline requests)
    • User can access all connectors regardless of RBAC settings