Master Admins or users with the required permission can create new users. 

Create a user with a custom role

1. In the lower-left corner, select the account profile > Account info.

2. Go to the Users tab and click the icon in the toolbar.

3. Enter a username and email, configure the advanced settings, and then click Next.

  • Send activation email: Leave this option enabled if you want the user to receive an email with a set password link. If you disable this option, you must enter a password.
  • Set an expiration date: Enable this option if you want the user to to have an expiration date.

4. Select Create custom role.

5. Enable the permissions you want to assign to the user and then click Next.
You cannot grant more permissions than those that you possess. 

Tip: Start with the permissions of a predefined role and then make necessary adjustments.

Note: Certain permissions have dependencies, meaning they require other permissions to be enabled as well. Enabling such permissions will automatically activate their dependent permissions.

6. Select which connectors the user should have access to, and then click Next.

7. Review the user details and settings, and then click Create.