Team channels data can be restored at various levels: all of a team's channels, an individual channel, or an individual post.

Note: Restoring a channel brings back all conversations, but not Wiki pages. Wiki pages cannot be restored, only shared and downloaded.

To restore channel data:

1. Find the group in your connector and then navigate to the data you want to restore:

  • To restore all of a team's channels, locate the Channels folder.
  • To restore an individual channel, open the Channels folder and then locate the channel.
  • To restore an individual post, navigate Channels > channel name > Conversation, then locate the chat message.

2. Select the more options icon to the left of the item and then select Restore

What happens to channel data when it is restored?

Restored channel data

  • Restoring the Channels folder brings back all channels of a team, including all posts and replies. 
    • If the channel still exists in Teams, deleted and edited messages will be added to the bottom of the posts feed. All existing messages that have not been edited will be skipped.
    • If the channel has been deleted from Teams, the channel with all posts will be restored.
    • If the channel is in the recycle bin, the channel cannot be restored, and thus the item restore job will be marked as failed. Only once the channel has been deleted from the recycle bin will it be possible to restore. It is not possible to delete the channel from the recycle bin on Teams immediately – channels are automatically deleted from the recycle bin only after 30 days. The channel with all posts will be restored.
  • Restoring an individual channel brings back all deleted and edited posts of a channel, including all replies. Existing posts that have not been edited will be skipped. 
  • Restoring an individual post brings back all replies. The message will be restored as a new one at the end of the channel's posts.


If a reply was deleted or edited, then it can be restored by restoring the main message, even if the main message was not deleted. The reply is restored at the end of all the replies.

Message sender and timestamp

All restored messages and replies will be posted by the Global admin account. The name of the original sender will be found in the body of the message as a header inside a green box. 

The timestamp will reflect the data that the message was restored, not the date that it was sent. 

Original messages

Restored messages

Message Attachments 

Attachments – files such as images, Word documents, etc., – are not restored together with messages or replies as attachments.

All files that are attached to messages are saved in the channel in the Files tab and in the team's SharePoint site. This means that it is possible to return these files to Teams by restoring the Files folder under Groups & Teams.

Other Elements of Messages

Embedded text and other items such as code snippets, gifs, stickers, and emojis are restored.

Reactions to messages are not restored.