An API token is used to integrate with Keepit's API. 

An API token receives its own set of credentials that is used to authenticate each following session. A single API token can be used to authenticate multiple API requests.

Only the Master Admin can create an API token for their own user account.

Create an API token

1. In the lower-left corner, select your account profile > User info.

2. Select SecuritySecondary tokens.

3. Click + Add API token.

4. (Optional) Enter a name for the token.

6. Select a lifetime.
The lifetime is the amount of time until the API token expires.

7. Select Create

8. Enter your password and select Confirm.

Note: If you have SSO or MFA enabled, you must also authenticate the token via the corresponding method. 

9. Copy the credentials and select OK.

Important: Store the credentials in a secure location. Once you close this window, the credentials will never be displayed again.