When you see this error, it is because Keepit has detected that the current configuration for your Google Workspace connector includes one or more groups or organizational units that have been deleted from Google Workspace.

You will receive a notification via email and in the in-app notification system to alert you. You will also see this warning on the Dashboard, on the Connectors page, and in your connector configuration.

Why this happens 

If you add a group or organizational unit to your backup configuration which is later removed from Google Workspace, we will detect this. Instead of continuing to back up data and potentially exposing you to an unpleasant surprise, we warn you so you can fix the problem. 

How to fix it 

For the backups to resume successfully, you have the following options:

  • Add these groups and/or organization units back to Google Workspace.
  • Remove these organizational units from your backup configuration

If you choose to remove the objects from the configuration, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Google Workspace connector configuration.
  2. Select Remove missing objects.
    The objects will no longer be listed in the configuration.
  3. Save the new configuration.
    The next backup will be automatically scheduled.