Keepit 2.1 Release Notes

June 26, 2019

We are happy to inform you that Keepit 2.1 is up and running. This version was specially released to implement specific customer requests. 

The main focus was to make it easier for users to get data back in a way that they control. To that end, we introduced more restore capabilities, in particular by extending our restore to folder function and by offering a PST format download.

Another key feature is that we have expanded our coverage of Salesforce to include campaigns.

And finally, we have made our SharePoint backup and restore run even smoother and made other small improvements to make your Keepit experience even better.

Key Features

Restore to folder now available for individual folders

Users can now restore Mail, Calendar, and OneDrive folders and subfolders to a newly created separate folder in Office 365. This restore method does not overwrite data and so offers a less invasive way to bring back data. 

Previously, restore to folder was only possible when restoring a data type across an entire tenant. Extending this feature to individual folders gives users more control when restoring smaller amounts of data.

Furthermore, the new restore allows users to see what was recovered in one place and choose which parts they want to keep.

PST download option

Users can now choose to download the Outlook, Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks folders, as well as certain Outlook and Calendar subfolders, as a .pst file. This data format allows them to then directly mount data back into Outlook using Outlook's import feature. When restoring a whole Outlook folder, the restored data will be located in a separate inbox, which can be viewed in parallel with the user's current inbox. The user can then simply drag and drop data between the two inboxes to bring back lost mail. 

The PST download function in Keepit can be found by clicking the more options icon to the right of the folder.

For a step-by-step guide on how to download a file as a .pst, see: How do I recover data using the PST download?

Salesforce Campaigns now covered

Keepit's Salesforce coverage has been expanded and we now back up Salesforce campaigns. This includes any members that are assigned to a campaign, which will be found in a separate folder in the app. Like all Salesforce data, Campaigns and Campaign Members can be downloaded, shared, and restored.

For an overview of the Salesforce data that we back up, including additional information about Campaigns backup and restore, see: What Salesforce data is backed up? 


Global admins to become admins in SharePoint Sites

The Global admin service account responsible for the backup will now be automatically made an admin of all SharePoint sites that are selected for backup. This is necessary for Keepit to properly back up and restore sites data and has no downsides for the user. This information can now be found in the article: Preparing your Office 365 account

And if for any reason the Global admin account needs to be changed, then it is possible to manually remove the old Global admin from all sites. Please see: How to remove the global admin from the list of Site Collection Administrators 

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact Support.