To ensure that your Keepit backup is performed correctly and to avoid problems down the line, when preparing your Office 365 account we recommend the following:

  • Create a unique account for backup

Set up a dedicated account to handle the backup. This will prevent potential problems. For example, if the employee responsible for backup leaves the company, the backup account can be passed on to someone else.

  • Assign the Global administrator role

When creating the new account, set it up with the Global administrator role. Keepit relies on full access to data provided by the global admin. If this is not done, Keepit will not be able to include all data in the backup. It is also necessary for the account to have a license.

  • Create groups

If appropriate for your organization, you can create a dedicated backup group, where you add user accounts. Keepit will then back up all users of this group, which makes it easier to configure the backup in Keepit.