Keepit 2.2 Release Notes

October 9, 2019

We are excited to announce the release of Keepit 2.2. 

In this version we have made it possible to restore SharePoint sites as new sites, extended coverage of team sites, and implemented a better search.

We have also made a number of other improvements, including increasing our system's backup speed.

New Feature

SharePoint sites can now be restored as new sites

You can now restore a SharePoint site or subsite as a new site with a new URL. The new site will exist in parallel with the existing source site and will not overwrite the original one.

This option can be especially useful when you have a damaged site that you want to recreate, but are not ready to lose access to the data that is currently in SharePoint.

This new feature works for all types of sites, but only for sites that still exist in SharePoint.

After restoring the site in such way it will be in the same location in the hierarchy in the SharePoint.

For more information on the different methods of restoring your SharePoint sites, see: How to restore a SharePoint site 


Team sites now fully integrated in SharePoint backup

Team sites are now fully backed up and are now found in the list of sites in the SharePoint folder. As they are no longer backed up under Groups & Teams, you must enable the SharePoint backup to secure team sites data, including your site's notebook. If your SharePoint backup is already selected, you still must resave your connector's configuration so that the changes come into effect.

When you enable SharePoint, you will see links to your team sites and notebooks in Groups & Teams, which will take you to the SharePoint folder from where you will be able to browse and restore your data.

The hierarchy of the team site will be the same as other types of SharePoint sites.

Please refer to our new articles about groups and teams backup and restore:
What groups and teams data is backed up?
How to recover groups and teams data 

We have also updated our articles about what data we backup:
What Office 365 data is backed up?
What SharePoint data is backed up?

Enhanced search capabilities

We have implemented a new search which makes it easier for you to find data you want to recover.

The search now works by displaying relevant results even when search terms are misspelled or incomplete, with the best matches at the top of the list. 

For example, if before you wanted to find an email titled "Weekly Digest" but entered "Weeky" you would not see any results. Now you will see all relevant emails. 

For more details on how to find data for recovery, see: How to locate Office 365 for recovery 

Easier way to get Support

The support icon is now conveniently found on the main menu bar in the upper-right corner in Keepit. With just one click you can open the Keepit Support site and get the help you need.

If you have any questions, concerns, or feature requests, please don't hesitate to contact Support.