4.0.0 - Keepit Quarterly Release Notes

July 21, 2020

We are happy to announce the launch of Keepit Version 4.0.0. This is a quarterly release, which introduces several new features and improvements – all based on user feedback. In particular, we have extended backup and restore capabilities for Salesforce, improved reporting for all backup and restore jobs, and added coverage for SharePoint pages and navigation menu.

Salesforce - More Coverage, New Restore Feature, Configurable API Request Usage

Extended backup coverage

  • Custom objects - In addition to standard objects, we now back up and restore all user-created and app-created custom objects
  • Files and attachments - Files and attachments are now backed up. When attached to a record, they are automatically restored together with the record. By themselves, they can be shared and downloaded.

Action required: Please note that if you want all of your organization's files and attachments to be backed up, you must enable the Query All Files permission in Salesforce. For instructions, see the requirements section here: Set up your Salesforce backup

For a complete overview of what Salesforce data is now backed up, see: Salesforce data coverage

New restore capabilities

  • Now there are two ways to restore your Salesforce data: You can restore a record with all related records, which brings back all related records down the hierarchy. Or you can restore just one single record. 

For more information, see: Restore Salesforce data

Configurable Salesforce API request usage

You can now set the percentage of API requests used to back up your Salesforce data. This can be especially helpful during your initial backup to make sure your data is secured more quickly. 

For more information, see Your Salesforce API Request Usage

Job Monitor Reporting Improvements

We have introduced a clearer and more informative overview of all jobs enabling you to stay on top of backup and restore performance

  • Reason for all failed backup and restore jobs now shown, along with information to help you troubleshoot in case of errors
  • Better overview of dataset changes
  • Complete list of skipped items in backups and restores with option to download a detailed CSV report to stay on top of backup and restore objectives

For more information, see: Using the Job Monitor Page 

Better Coverage of SharePoint Pages and Navigation Menu

  • Improved backup and restore of SharePoint pages 
  • Support for backup and restore of Quick Launch menu and site logo

Refer to our update article on SharePoint data coverage

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